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Billy Joel

Globally-recognized pianist, singer and songwriter.
Billy Joel
Some love is just a lie of the heart
The cold remains of what began with a passionate start.
And they may not want it to end
But it will, it's just a question of when.
I've lived long enough to have learned
The closer you get to the fire the more you get burned.
But that won't happen to us
Because it's always been a matter of trust.
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It's just a fantasy
It's not the real thing
It's just a fantasy
It's not the real thing.
But sometimes a fantasy
Is all you need.
We could have gone all the way to the Great Wall of China
If you'd only had a little more faith in me.
In lieu of diamonds, gold and platinum, reminders will still shine bright.
All the king's men and all the king's horses
Can't put you together the way you used to be.
We could have been standing on the Great Wall of China.

Joel Billy quotes
So before we end and then begin
We'll drink a toast to how it's been
A few more hours to be complete
A few more nights on satin sheets
A few more times that I can say
I've loved these days.
Joel Billy
She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She hides like a child
But she's always a woman to me.
Billy Joel quotes
Late at night
When it's dark and cold
I reach out
For someone to hold
When I'm blue
When I'm lonely
She comes through
She's the only one who can
My baby grand
Is all I need.
Billy Joel
I don't care what consequence it brings
I have been a fool for lesser things.
I want you so bad.
I think you ought to know that
I intend to hold you for
The longest time.
Joel Billy quotes
Now think of all the years you tried to
Find someone to satisfy you.
I might be as crazy as you say.
If I'm crazy then it's true
That it's all because of you
And you wouldn't want me any other way.
You may be right
I may be crazy.
But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for.
It's too late to fight
It's too late to change me.
You may be wrong for all I know
But you may be right.
Don't forget your second wind;
Sooner or later you'll get your second wind.
It's not always easy to be living in this world of pain.
You're gonna be crashing into stone walls again and again.
It's alright, it's alright.
Joel Billy
Brenda and Eddie were the popular steadies
And the king and the queen of the prom
Riding around with the car top down and the radio on
Nobody looked any finer
Or was more of a hit at the Parkway Diner
We never knew we could want more than that out of life
Surely Brenda and Eddie would always know how to survive.
Billy Joel
So you play your albums and you smoke your pot
And you meet your girlfriend in the parking lot
Oh, but still you're aching for the things you haven't got,
What went wrong?
And if you can't understand why your world is so dead
And why you've got to keep in style and feed your head
Well, you're twenty one and still you mother makes your bed
And that's too long.

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Every child had a pretty good shot
To get at least as far as their old man got
But something happened on the way to that place
They threw an American flag in our face.
Billy Joel
You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd
We ain't too pretty we ain't too proud
We might be laughing a bit too loud
But that never hurt no one.
Come on Virginia show me a sign
Send up a signal I'll throw you the line.
The stained-glass curtain you're hiding behind
Never lets in the sun.
And only the good die young.
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She's got style and she's got her own money
So she's not another honey you can quickly disarm
She's got the eyes that make you realize
She won't be hypnotized by your usual charm.
You've got your plan of attack
That won't attract the modern woman
When you're an old fashioned man
She understands the things you're doin'
She's a modern woman.
Joel Billy
Some people stay far away from the door
If there's a chance of it opening up
They hear a voice in the hall outside
And hope that it just passes by.
Some people live with the fear of a touch
And the anger of having been a fool.
They will not listen to anyone
So nobody tells them a lie.
Joel Billy quotes
I don't need you to worry for me cause I'm alright.
I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home.
I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life.
Go ahead with your own life and leave me alone.
Billy Joel
Some people hope for a miracle cure
Some people just accept the world as it is.
But I'm not willing to lay down and die
Because I am an innocent man.
Billy Joel quotes
We didn't start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world's been turning
We didn't start the fire
No we didn't light it
But we tried to fight it.
Billy Joel
Some things were perfectly clear, seen with the vision of youth.
No doubts and nothing to fear, I claimed the corner on truth.
These days it's harder to say I know what I'm fighting for.
My faith is falling away.
I'm not that sure anymore.
Shades of grey wherever I go
The more I find out the less that I know.
Black and white is how it should be
But shades of grey are the colors I see.
Joel Billy
If you said goodbye to me tonight
There would still be music left to write.
What else could I do?
I'm so inspired by you.
That hasn't happened for the longest time.

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