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Patricia Rozema

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Rozema is one of Canada's most recognizable and successful film artists, famous for works in which the wilful imagination asserts itself despite bureacracy, convention, and social expectation. As a writer and filmmaker, she is drawn to romantic figures whose artistry persists despite various obstacles, from institutionally derived notions of artistic standards to religiously supported ideas of appropriate sexualities.
Brenda Austin Smith, in "Woman with a Movie Camera : Patricia Rozema's Revisionist Eye", in Great Canadian Film Directors (2007), edited by George Melnyk, p. 253

Patricia Rozema

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Rozema has established herself as an exceptional and distinctly sensual visual stylist. Her films are characterized by self-referential narration, idiosyncratic protagonists (who are often struggling artists), formal adventurousness, and the use of fairy tales, mythology, and poetry as structuring notions.

Patricia Rozema

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