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Neil Young

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I've seen the needle and the damage done.
A little part of it in everyone.
But every junkie's like a settin' sun.
The Needle and the Damage Done

Neil Young

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In a modern war, fought with modern weapons and on the modern scale, neither side can limit to “the enemy” the damage that it does. These wars damage the world. We know enough by now to know that you cannot damage a part of the world without damaging all of it. Modern war has not only made it impossible to kill “combatants” without killing “noncombatants,” it has made it impossible to damage your enemy without damaging yourself.

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I’ve heard we’re Christian, and that always tickles me. I’ve heard that I’m a junkie. I’ve heard that I’m a vampire. I’m a junkie vampire. That can be your pull-quote.

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She's the candle burnin' in my room
Yeah, I'm like the needle
The needle and spoon
Over the counter, with a shotgun
Pretty soon, everybody's got one
I'm in a fever, when I'm beside her

Larry Mullen

Never use needle for shoveling. Needle is for sewing and shovel is for harvesting. Therefore, when you leave a job to your hands, look at their capabilities and scales and so keep in mind that shovel can be used for many different things, but its main usage is to feed the air into the land.

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He who must search a haystack for a needle is likely to end up with the attitude that the needle is not worth the search.

Robert H. Jackson
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