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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

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Above all, he was a builder, the greatest nation-builder of modern times.
Andrew Mango, from Andrew Mango (2011-06-23). Ataturk. John Murray. p. 6. ISBN 978-1-84854-618-9. Retrieved on 2013-06-11. 

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

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When I look at a building, how can I know there was a builder? Can't see him, hear him, touch him, taste him or smell him, so how can I know there was a builder? Well, the building is absolute proof there was a builder. I couldn't want better proof that there was a builder than to have the building as evidence. I don't need faith to believe in a builder, all I need is eyes that can see and a brain that works. Now the same deep, rich, scientific principle works with paintings and painters.... And the same principle works with God. When I look at Creation how can I know there was a creator? Well, creation is absolute proof there was a creator. I don't need faith to believe in a creator, all I need is eyes that can see and a brain that works.

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The White Man is tremendously creative. He is the greatest builder the world has ever known. He is the builder of the world civilizations and world empires. Unfettered and unhampered, what the White Race can accomplish collectively when properly organized is truly phenomenal and earthshaking. It is the goal of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to develop and bring about this tremendous potential. Bringing out this prodigious potential is what we mean by the resurrection and redemption of the White Race. Our supreme goal is advancing the best interests of the White Race. No cost is too high, no struggle too hard. We gladly intend to pay the price to accomplish this noble goal, whatever the price.

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