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Menzies Campbell

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Itís like a soap opera. Itís certainly an identity crisis. Gordon wants to be like Maggie, but he doesnít want to be like Tony. Tony also wanted to be like Maggie, but Maggie only wanted to be like Ronnie. Now Dave, he wants to be like Tony, but he doesnít want to be like William, or Iain, or Michael, and certainly not like Maggie either. Confused? You must be, but you can be clear on this: I donít want to be like any of them.
Leader's speech, Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton, 20 September 2007.

Menzies Campbell

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Last week Maggie Smith, 66, confessed before the National Women's Press Club in Washington that she has no money, no time to campaign and no organization to speak of. There upon she announced saucily that she is going to run for the G.O.P. presidential nomination just the same.
Stickler. Many people shrug off the lady Senator's declaration as something frivolously feminine. They don't know Maggie. Feminine she is, but not frivolous.

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There's nothing like spending other peoples money, Gordon and Tony discovered this very quickly, and have been going crazy, ordering off the menu ever since. Tony quickly exited the restaurant, leaving Gordon footing the bill, and thats why we're in the mess we're in now. Meanwhile Tony's laughing all the way to the bank where his ?14 million is sitting pretty. It's just disgraceful behaviour and ordinary people are suffering because of the megalomania of those two crooks.

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But then the need of being loved, the strongest need ... in poor Maggieís nature, began to wrestle with her pride and soon threw it.

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