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Max Frisch

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You merely had an affair with me, to be exact, and therefore no right to prevent me from another affair.'

Max Frisch

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Monumentality is an affair of relativity. The truly monumental can only come about by means of the most exact and refined relation between parts. Since each thing carries both a meaning of its own and an associated meaning in relation to something else ó its essential value is relative. We speak of the mood we experience when looking at a landscape. This mood results from the relation of certain things rather than from their separate actualities. This is because objects do not in themselves possess the total effect they give when interrelated.

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Whatever happens, I shall never be alone,
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A manís dying is more the survivorsí affair than his own.

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The great affair, we always find, is to get money.

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We must stop this love affair with the fetus.

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