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Lawrence Durrell

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Old age is an insult. It's like being smacked.
Interview in the Sunday Times, 1988

Lawrence Durrell

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You want to know what just happened there? She smacked me down - smacked me down: "But Speaker Pelosi, the Republicans are all over the TV machine opposing the economic stimulus." "Settle down, kid. It‘s not working." Duh. Maybe she‘s right. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal sort of put the punctuation mark on Speaker Pelosi‘s point about Republicans on TV with his response to the not state-of-the-union last night.

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So I was smacked up on the Prime Minister's jet – big deal.

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I tried to like it. For me, it was like being smacked around the head by a piece of IKEA furniture: it hurts, but you've got to admire the workmanship.

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It is an insult to a starving people to offer them religion; it is an insult to a starving man to teach him metaphysics.

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The most bitter insult one can offer to a Londoner is "bastard" — which, taken for what it means, is hardly an insult at all.

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