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"I canít just be satisfied with making beats and playing guitar riffs. I have to start a label, a remix competition and have a clothing line."


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That night at the "Eagle's Nest", I remember, he was playing a D-18 Martin acoustic guitar and he was dressed in the latest teen fashion, but the thing I really noticed though, was his guitar playing. Elvis was a fabulous rhythm player. He'd start into "Thatís All Right" , with his own guitar, alone, and you didn't want to hear anything else.

Elvis Presley

"Because I am not on this label or that label, which seems to be all anybody gives a sh*t about, I can't really seem to get any songs on soundtracks because of the politics involved. A record label wants to release their own artists on their soundtracks as opposed to an artist that they've never heard of and they don't really care about which I understand that from their perspective so that makes it harder for me. I'm not worried about it. I'm not making my art to earn the favor of another record label and have them put me on their soundtrack. It would be great if they want to do it but I'm not crying over it for sure if it doesn't happen."


I assume most guitar players are like me. They're playing, having fun; then they get a magazine in the mail that says "Shred Is Dead" and they say, "What the Hell?" They throw it away and keep on playing.

Joe Satriani

The first time I saw her perform ó she mustíve been 15, maybe 14 ó she got up in a club in Dallas, sat in with her guitar teacherís band, played "The Wind Cries Mary" and just blew everybody away. ... At that time she was very shy and diminutive, except when you listened to her guitar playing. ... Sheís physically a very intense player. She takes a kind of ferocious approach to the technique of the guitar, a real high energy.

St. (musician) Vincent

"If Iím not working on my own music, I am working on production for the first artist (LVL Production) Iíve signed to my label or working on clothing designs for my clothing company (FIXT). If I can find time in-between to masturbate and take a nap, then bonus."

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