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"When I had asked him (producer Grant Mohrman) to be more involved this time, he did use the phrase 'overbearing pain in the a**' although Iím not totally certain in what context he made that statement." 8/28/05


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Ninety-nine percent of what my father ever wrote or said about himself to the press, the media, the public and the membership is totally and completely untrue and false. So therefore that old phrase "Consider the source" cannot just be applied to me but must be applied to him also. And this phrase, "Consider the source" is in itself totally and completely inaccurate and is only a statement to dead-agent both myself and my fatheró or anyone else for that matter. What is appropriate, true and accurate is: "Consider the facts and consider the truth".

Ronald (born L. Ron Hubbard DeWolfe

"The best experience (while working with Grant Mohrman)? Watching movies and eating junkfood when we were too burnt to work anymore. That and finding someone who I can work with, understands me musically and otherwise and someone I know I will work with for a long time to come... I don't generally work with anyone, but Grant has brought valuable things to the project and I felt it was time to let someone in, so to speak."


All reading, in truth, is reading in a content area. To read the phrase "the law of diminishing returns" or "the law of supply and demand" requires that you know how the word "law" is used in economics, for it does not mean what it does in the phrase "the law of inertia" (physics) or "Grimm's law" (linguistics) or "the law of the land" (political science) or "the law of survival of the fittest" (biology). To the question, "What does 'law' mean?" the answer must always be, "In what context?"

Neil Postman

"I decided to approach (the album Wish Upon A Blackstar) completely differently than any other work Iíd done previously. Grant Mohrman (co-producer) and I brainstormed the process of how to make this monstrosity of an album, and we decided to try doing a few things differently Ė I would write demos AND we would track my vocals before doing anything else. Now this was completely ass-backwards to the way I am used to doing things. I generally start a musical idea and I keep revising and reworking it until it becomes something I like. The entire Celldweller debut album was written this way. I ALWAYS tracked vocals last. Partly because I wanted the music to inspire my vocal performance and partly because I haaaate cutting vocals. The idea this time around was the music would have to work with my voice instead of forcing my voice over the top of 180 tracks of audio. This made me uncomfortable which is why I agreed to do it."


I stood in front of a hundred and one critics at a critic's convention and a critic asked me, "Miss Cho, isn't it true that your management asked you to lose weight to play the part of yourself in your own TV show?" Gail [the producer] grabbed the mike from me and said, "There is no truth in that whatsoever." I...was so...hungry.

Margaret Cho
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