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"...the most recent tracks I've written on (the debut CD) were ... 'Frozen' and 'I Believe You'."


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He once told a reporter he wanted his obituary to be short - "just make it born in Russia, first lesson at 3, debut at 7, debut in America in 1917".

Jascha Heifetz

Q-Tip comes in the room and says, "I want you to hear something". I'm hella excited 'cause either it's a new Tribe song or it's a beat for me. He tells the kid to put the tape in. He does and I hear a ghostly piano loop that has some shakers in it. Too Salsa for me. That was "Runnin'"! He plays another joint and I go crazy over it. That was "The Jam". He explains to me that the noise I keep flippin' over [is] someone holding the repeat button on the SP when its in 1/32! He played another joint, wasn't my speed. I didn't like the Beastie Boy sample at the top. That was "Drop!" The next joint played and only played for 15 seconds. I wanted that one. He explained that it was just an interlude though. I still wanted it. The next joint was hard, organ sounding joint. Sounds like something a west coast artist would take... w:Ice Cube maybe. That was "Gotta Kick Something That Means Something"! I took three tracks and told Tip that I wanted to add more tracks to the album. He said cool! Yes!!! I got three tracks from Tip!!! Tip looks at me and says, "I didn't make em...he did." I look at the kid and speak to him and he says "What Up Doe?" "What up, kid? What's your name?" "Jay Dee."

J Dilla

"Tighter and Tighter" was actually written around the same time as "Black Hole Sun." In fact, I did a demo with four songs on it to play for the band. "Black Hole Sun," "Sounds Like Days," "Tighter and Tighter" and a song called "Anxious." We blew off "Anxious" entirely and recorded "Tighter and Tighter" for the last record. It was the last song we did. It was number 16 and we ran out of studio time. We had the rhythm tracks done and it was just needing vocals and my guitar solos. We just ran out of time. It was falling flat anyway. I changed the arrangement a little bit.

Chris Cornell

"I decided to approach (the album Wish Upon A Blackstar) completely differently than any other work Id done previously. Grant Mohrman (co-producer) and I brainstormed the process of how to make this monstrosity of an album, and we decided to try doing a few things differently I would write demos AND we would track my vocals before doing anything else. Now this was completely ass-backwards to the way I am used to doing things. I generally start a musical idea and I keep revising and reworking it until it becomes something I like. The entire Celldweller debut album was written this way. I ALWAYS tracked vocals last. Partly because I wanted the music to inspire my vocal performance and partly because I haaaate cutting vocals. The idea this time around was the music would have to work with my voice instead of forcing my voice over the top of 180 tracks of audio. This made me uncomfortable which is why I agreed to do it."

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