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Kid Cudi

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Scott Mescudi from Cleveland, U.S.A. Rapper, Actor, Producer signed to G.O.O.D. Music label.
-(A Kid Named Cudi, Man on the Moon: The End of Day and Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager)

Kid Cudi

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"I remember creating and experimenting with Klay Scott of Circle Of Dust, pre-Circle of Dust, in his basement with guitarist Billy Poulos. I remember thinking 'Wow! We really have something here.' We were making innovative electronic industrial-influenced music in 1991 which included Poulos' Cocteau Twins/The Cure-like guitar sound and my Proverbs-like poetry over Scott's dark Industrial soundscape. At that time, it was rare to have guitar in industrial music. My use of poetry and delivery was unique and there wasn't any Christian Industrial music. To tell you the truth, I have never heard anything like it since. We split as friends when Scott wanted to include more heavy metal in his music and sign with the Christian label REX Records as Circle Of Dust, and Poulos and I wanted us to get a secular record deal as relevant Christians with alternative music sort of like U2 did. I remember Billy 'The Toxic Banana' Poulos and I sitting in my apartment in those days when we first met and turning Klay Scott on to all kinds of electronic music including what are now some of his biggest influences like Skinny Puppy. Ironically, Klay Scott would later influence a lot of his influences back." Billy Lamont HM Magazine 2004 note: spelling and grammar changes were made and the quote was trimmed down


"...the label I was signed to at the time went into bankruptcy and there were all kinds of legal battles between the label and all of the artists, including me. That basically tied me up for a year and a half where I couldn’t release a new album or anything, and I couldn’t really continue forward as Circle of Dust. It was around then that Criss Angel had approached me to work with him on some music. At that point I decided I was going to end Circle of Dust, work with Criss and we had our own project together, Angeldust, for the next six years. From there Celldweller was the most obvious next step for me because I had changed musically over time and I wanted something completely fresh."


If someone gave me a million dollars to run a music label, I would focus on creating a specific artistic point of view, and creating some channel to build a fanbase. Warp Records was a great example of a label that had a particular style, and many people would buy records just because the artists were associated with the label.

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Marlon Brando is not a gangsta' actor, he's an actor. Axl Rose and them are not gangsta' rock n rollers, they're rock n rollers right. So I'm a rapper, this is what I do, I'm an artist.

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Before I was signed, I just wanted to get into the system, even though I didn't know what that meant. After I got signed I found that I was confused by all the mixed messages from the label about what I'd have to do to keep their support. I fought and fought to maintain my identity and grow as an artist at the same time, but when I realized that to get their support on Timbre I'd have to start working with schlocky writers and totally sell out, I decided to pack up my marimba and split.

Sophie B. Hawkins
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