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John Piper (artist)

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...there is a striking similarity in the surrealist and abstract painters attitude to the object;both have a horror of it in its proper context.
Lost, A valuable object, in Myfanwy Piper's anthology-"The Painters Object" 1937

John Piper (artist)

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The member of a culture Ö purposely avoids the relationship of intimacy; he wants the object somehow depicted and fictionalized. Ö He is embarrassed when this is taken out of its context of proper sentiments and presented bare, for he feels that this is a reintrusion of that world which his whole conscious effort has sought to banish. Forms and conventions are the ladder of ascent. And hence the speechlessness of the man of culture when he beholds the barbarian tearing aside some veil which is half adornment, half concealment.

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If you push it, it feels good; I donít know what it is. It must have something to do with kinesthesia. I feel now that I am painting Iím not drawing anything, or even representing non-objective art. You know, you can represent abstract art, too, as well as heads figures, nudes. A lot of abstract artists are just representational painters, you know that. And a lot of figurative artists are very abstract. I donít feel as if Iím doing that. I feel more as if Iím shaping something with my hands. I feel as if Iíve always wanted to get to that state. Like a blind man in a dark room had some clay, what would he make? I end up with 2 or 3 forms on a canvas, but it gets very physical for me. I always thought I am a very spiritual man, not interested in paint, and now I discover myself to be very physical and very involved with matter. I want to be involved with how heavy things are, a balloon, how light things are, things levitating, pushing forms, make me feel as if my hand is pushing in a head, bulges out here and pushes there.

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