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Jean Cocteau

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Originality consists in trying to be like everybody else — and failing.
Raymond Radiguet, who was quoted by Cocteau in his acceptance speech to the Académie Française (October 1955)

Jean Cocteau

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Because of this, originality consists of returning to the origin.

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True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision.

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Originality consists in thinking for yourself, not in thinking differently from other people.

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[[T]he question of originality, if it arises at all, can never be peripheral: originality is more than a requirement in good poetry, it is a description of it.

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Folks, it's time to evolve. That's why we're troubled. You know why our institutions are failing us, the church, the state, everything's failing? It's because, um – they're no longer relevant. We're supposed to keep evolving. Evolution did not end with us growing opposable thumbs. You do know that, right? There's another 90 percent of our brains that we have to illuminate.

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