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Jean Cocteau

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Victor Hugo was a madman who thought he was Victor Hugo.

Jean Cocteau

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It was quite fashionable to poke fun at Hugo. You remember Gide’s “Victor Hugo is the greatest French poet, alas!” or Cocteau’s “Victor Hugo was a madman who thought he was Victor Hugo.” Anyway, I hated rhetoric and eloquence. I agreed with Verlaine, who said, “You have to get hold of eloquence and twist its neck off!” Nonetheless, it took some courage. Nowadays it is common to debunk great men, but it wasn’t then.

Eugene Ionesco

Hay muchos que creen imitar el estilo de Victor Hugo, cuando en realidad solo imitan el de sus traductores.

Leopoldo Alas

But it's a prize that... if you're into science-fiction and fantasy you grow up reading books with "Hugo [Award-winner]" on the cover. And this is very, very moving, to be in that position oneself. It's an odd situation [too], because, as you say, it was a tie, which is very rare with the Hugo, which has happened, like three times over sixty years, or something. But I prefer to think of it as a quantum Hugo and that Paolo Bacigalupi and I oscilate between between Hugo particle and wave form, this year. So it's properly science-fictional.

China Mieville

("Who is the greatest French poet?")
Victor Hugo, alas!

Victor Hugo
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