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Jack Gibson

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Pain only hurts when you feel it.

Jack Gibson

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You picked me up from school
You attended all my sporting functions
You bought me a car
Gave me use of a credit card
But how can I feel pain,
How can I feel pain,
How can I feel pain
When you're being so supportive?

Bill Bailey

My ankle hurts from dancing last night so there is pain. But the pain doesn't hurt me for there is no me.

Ken Wilber

When our familiar world falls apart, especially through the pain of death ó of losing someone we love ó we are shaken at our very core. We realize, perhaps for the first time, that there is no easy or quick way out. We must go through the process, which will be a little different for each of us ó the common thread being pain.
In the midst of that inner struggle, however, something begins to happen. There are the moments that are most resisted ó and there is extreme pain. Simultaneously, however, there are voluntary or involuntary bursts of letting go. Perhaps the pain is too much for the moment ó the mind takes a break, shuts down, or wakes up, Iím not really sure. But in those moments, there is a release from the pain; an acknowledgment that although we donít understand it, and it hurts like hell, the universe somehow knows what itís doing.

Richard Carlson

In dreams you sometimes fall from a height, or are stabbed, or beaten, but you never feel pain unless, perhaps, you really bruise yourself against the bedstead, then you feel pain and almost always wake up from it. It was the same in my dream. I did not feel any pain, but it seemed as though with my shot everything within me was shaken and everything was suddenly dimmed, and it grew horribly black around me. I seemed to be blinded, and it benumbed, and I was lying on something hard, stretched on my back; I saw nothing, and could not make the slightest movement.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Benefiting and hurting others are ways of exercising one's power upon others; that is all one desires in such cases. One hurts those whom one wants to feel one's power, for pain is a much more efficient means to that end than pleasure; pain always raises the question about its origin while pleasure is inclined to stop with itself without looking back. We benefit and show benevolence to those who are already dependent on us in some way (which means that they are used to thinking of us as causes); we want to increase their power because in that way we increase ours, or we want to show them how advantageous it is to be in our power; that way they will become more satisfied with their condition and more hostile to and willing to fight against the enemies of our power.

Friedrich Nietzsche
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