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Henry Rollins

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Thank you for touching me. Some of the only moments worth living were spent with you. Not you especially, the collective you.

Henry Rollins

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I am a sportsman all over, and to the back-bone 'Unting is all that's worth living for all time is lost wot is not spent in 'unting it is like the hair we breathe if we have it not we die it's the sport of kings, the image of war without its guilt, and only five-and-twenty per cent of its danger.

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The judgment that human life is worth living, or rather can and ought to be made worth living, ... underlies all intellectual effort; it is the a priori of social theory, and its rejection (which is perfectly logical) rejects theory itself.

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He would agree that life is a little worth living or worth living a little; but would remark that, unfortunately, to live little enough, we have to live a great deal.

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The only thing in the world worth a damn is the strange, touching, pathetic, awesome nobility of the individual human spirit.

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The isness of things is well worth studying; but it is their whyness that makes life worth living.

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