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Ha-Joon Chang

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Corruption often exists because there are too many market forces, not too few.
Ch. 8, Too many market forces, p. 155

Ha-Joon Chang

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Corruption exists because there is too much, not too little, market.

Ha-Joon Chang

One reason for the primacy of the market in shaping the modern world is that it forces a reorganization of society in order to make the market work properly . When a market comes into existence, as Marx fully appreciated, it becomes a potent force driving social change.

Robert Gilpin

...we need to recognise that the entire information sector—from music to newspapers to telecoms to internet to semiconductors and anything in-between—has become subject to a gigantic market failure in slow motion. A market failure exists when market prices cannot reach a self-sustaining equilibrium. The market failure of the entire information sector is one of the fundamental trends of our time, with far-reaching long-term effects, and it is happening right in front of our eyes.

Eli Noam

Corruption is government intrusion into market efficiencies in the form of regulations.

Milton Friedman nuclear plants are simply unfinanceable in the private capital market, and the technology will continue to die of an incurable attack of market forces—all the faster in competitive markets. This is true not just in the U.S., where the last order was in 1978 and all orders since 1973 were cancelled, but globally.

Amory Lovins
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