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George Villiers Buckingham

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Methinks, I see the wanton houres flee,
And as they passe, turne back and laugh at me.
As quoted in The Encyclop?dia Britannica (1910)

George Villiers Buckingham

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The days, the nights, flow one by one above us,
The hours go silently over our lifted faces,
We are like dreamers who walk beneath a sea.
Beneath high walls we flow in the sun together.
We sleep, we wake, we laugh, we pursue, we flee.

Conrad Aiken

The pale stars are gone!
For the sun, their swift shepherd,
To their folds them compelling,
In the depths of the dawn,
Hastes, in meteor-eclipsing array, and the flee
Beyond his blue dwelling,
As fawns flee the leopard.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The force of the idea was such that I drew the car to the side of the road and stopped and, for some reason, laughed. It was a loud laugh, unsteady, and sounded, even to my own ears, slightly maniacal. Thinking back now, I realise it was less a laugh than the birth-cry of my dark and twin brother Benjamin Black.

John Banville

Leave jesting while it pleaseth, lest it turne to earnest.

George Herbert
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