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George Gascoigne

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Suffiseth this to proove my theame withall,
That every bullet hath a lighting place.
"The Fruites of Warre", line 467, from The Posies (1575); p. 412.

George Gascoigne

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And so God is asking us today to remember the miracle of that baby and he's asking us, he says, "Take the bullet out!" If we have more black men in prison than in our colleges and universities, then it's time to take the bullet out. If we have millions of people goin' to the emergency room for treatable illnesses like asthma, it's time to take the bullet out. If too many of our kids don't have health insurance, it's time to take that bullet out. If we keep sending our kids to crumblin' school buildings, we keep fighting this war in Iraq, a war that should've never been authorized and should've never been waged, a war that costing us 20 cents $275 million a day, that could have been invested in rebuilding communities all across this country, then it's time to take that bullet out!

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Aristotle him selfe sayeth, that medicines be no meate to lyue withall.

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