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George Etherege

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I know all beyond High Park's a desert to you.
Act V, sc. ii
Often misquoted as "Beyond Hyde Park all is a desert".

George Etherege

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You neglect and belittle the desert.
The desert is not remote in southern tropics
The desert is not only around the corner,
The desert is squeezed in the tube-train next to you,
The desert is in the heart of your brother.

Thomas Stearns (T. S.) Eliot

I am going on very well with my pictures... the park (Wivenhoe Park) is the most forward the great difficulty has been to get so much in as they wanted to make them acquainted with the scene on my left is a grotto with some elms at the head of a piece of water in the centre is the house over a beautifull wood and very far to the right is a Deer House what it was necessary to add. So that my view comprehended to many degrees but to day I got over the difficulty and I begin to like it 'myself'... I live in the park and mrs Rebow says I am very unsociable.

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After a volcano has erupted our landscape is filled with silence. A moment ago it was on fire, now the rapid ashes are warming our feet. a moment ago it was dazzlingly light, now it is blessed twilight, kind to our eyes. All is at rest. The volcano is asleep, even our poor nerves are asleep. We are not happy, but we have a momentary peace. A moment ago we have seen the desert of our life in all its appalling vastness, now we see that the desert is in flower. The oases are few are afar between, but they do exist; we know that the desert is vast, but we also know that in the biggest deserts are the most oases. To gain this knowledge we must pay dearly, and an eruption is the price; it is high; but there is no lower one. That is why we should bless the volcanoes, thank them because their glare is so strong and their first so hot. Thank them for having dazzled us, for only then do we acquired our full sight; thank them, too, for having burnt us, for only as burnt children can we warm each other.

Stig Dagerman

It was sweaty Whitney (Houston) in Central Park. She knew that park pretty well. Every bush!

Kathy Griffin

I'll show you a place,high on the desert plain.Where the streets have no name

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