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Emil Cioran

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If just once you were depressed for no reason, you have been so all your life without knowing.

Emil Cioran

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I always had the feeling that Ohlendorf was spiritually depressed. I mentioned several times to my wife, when we had Ohlendorf to dinner, that he seemed like a man who just could not be happy. Ohlendorf must have been very depressed on account of that experience. He could not laugh heartily - and a man who cannot is either depressed, or sick, or bad. I thought he had something in his soul which bothered him.

Otto Ohlendorf

As early pioneers in the knowing, that when you lose your reason, you attain highest perfect knowing.

Jack Kerouac

You donít paint the way someone, by observing his life, thinks you have to paint, you paint the way you have to in order to give. Thatís life itself, and someone will look and say it is the product of knowing, but it has nothing to do with knowing, it has to do with giving. The question about knowing will naturally be wrong. When youíve finished giving, the look surprises you (yourself, fh) as anyone else. Some painters talking about painting are like a lot of kids dancing at a prom. An hour later you are too shy to get out on the floor.

Franz Kline

I have no way of knowing that your story is not true ó but you have no way of knowing that my story isn't true. So I will choose the one that I love. I will close the one that, if it's true, makes this reality one worth living in. I'll act as if the life I hope for is real life, and the life that disgusts me ó your life, your view of life ó is the lie.

Orson Scott Card

No matter who you are, engaging in the quest to discover where and how things began tends to induce emotional fervoróas if knowing the beginning bestows upon you some form of fellowship with, or perhaps governance over, all that comes later. So what is true for life itself is no less true for the universe: knowing where you came from is no less important than knowing where you are going.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
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