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Edie Sedgwick

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There seemed to be this almost supernatural glow to her that's hard to describe. Literally there was an aura emanating from her, a white or blue aura. It's as if Edie was illuminated from within. Her skin was translucent Marilyn Monroe had that quality.
Robert Heide, as quoted in Factory Girl, David Dalton.

Edie Sedgwick

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Anybody who could tell a girl like Edie Sedgwick that she was being stabbed in the back by Andy Warhol, of all people, were idiots, it's where she got her fame and basically the reason why Edie was even known was because of Warhol. Let's just face it, it's all Warhol, Warhol, Warhol. People turned her against Warhol for their own devious reasons. They convinced her she was the next Marilyn Monroe. I think personally she was a great screen presence. But I don't think she was the next Marilyn Monroe because she wasn't a Hollywood type. Who would use her out in Hollywood?

Edie Sedgwick

I can see this, I suppose you could call it, aura of colors that words can't describe around living things. And when something dies the aura fades leaving something that's not easy to look at. It appears empty in a way that makes you feel empty too!

Mark Waid

In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia.

Milan Kundera

Marilyn Monroe looks her best when she is sitting on the Superstar's chest (On wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt.)

Billy (wrestler) Graham

You came out of the night,
Wearing a mask in white colour.
My eyes were shining
On the wine, and your aura.

Kate Bush
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