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Dmitri Bulykin

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"I don't want to play with children. Nothing good will come out of it" (Bulykin on ideas of training with the youth squad of Anderlecht to stay in shape after being dropped from the AriŽl Jacobs team)

Dmitri Bulykin

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"Everything is tres-chique in my life now. I've adapted, set up the house, moved the family in. Sometimes my wife visits me. The only thing left is to start playing football... but this hasn't worked out so far" (Bulykin, about his move to FC Anderlecht)

Dmitri Bulykin

"Bulykin usually scores in April." - (Aleksandr Borodyuk, Russia national team manager)

Dmitri Bulykin

I never had any training. I never had a guy say to me, "Do it this way, do it that way." When I was growing up, I was the last guy to get picked for every team that I was on. If they needed a pitcher, I pitched. If there was a catcher needed, I caught. First baseman, shortstop, whatever position they needed, that's what I played. I felt I was the best all-around athlete on that particular team. Most of them couldn't do that, everybody wanted to play a position. It didn't matter what position I played. I just had fun and enjoyed it.

Willie Mays

(In 1985, Jordan broke his foot and the team wanted to limit his return for fear of worsening the injury) The [Bulls] came up with this whole theory you can play seven minutes a game when I'm practicing two hours a day... I didnít agree with that math. I wanted to play. I wanted to make the playoffs. [...] Jerry [Reinsdorf] said, "Let me ask if you had a headache and" - there was a 10 percent chance then Iíd reinjure my ankle - "and you've got 10 tablets and one of them is coated with cyanide, would you take it?" I looked at him and said, "How bad is the headache?" Jerry looked at me and said, "I guess that's a good answer, you can go back and play."

Michael Jordan

I'm a stand-up. And no one on the circuit's terribly impressed if you're on TV. I suppose I've stolen my ethos from Jay Leno. You can do all the TV in the world, but that's a team game, and anyone can be dropped from the squad. And if you haven't gigged in a while, you're not firing, you're not match fit. So I try and do it whenever I can.

Jimmy Carr
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