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Daniel Daly

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It was an object lesson to have served with him.
Maj. Gen. Butler
Who's Who in Marine Corps History: "Daniel Daly"

Daniel Daly

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My father taught me that one of the most important abilities in life is to be able to take the pain and persevere, and for years this lesson had served me well.


The art of generalship does not age, and it is because Scipio's battles are richer in stratagems and ruses many still feasible today than those of any other commander in history that they are an unfailing object-lesson to soldiers.

Scipio Africanus

I count my time working for Dortch Oldham as one of the most important formative experiences of my life... There is nothing that tests your commitment to a goal like getting a few doors closed in your face. Mr. Oldham taught legions of young people to communicate quickly, clearly and with passion, a lesson that has served me well in my life since then.

Rick Perry

Life in the ultimate analysis has taught me one enduring lesson. The subject should always disappear in the object. In our ordinary affections one for another, in our daily work with hand or brain, we most of us discover soon enough that any lasting satisfaction, any contentment that we can achieve, is the result of forgetting self, or merging subject with object in a harmony that is of body, mind and spirit. And in the highest realms of consciousness all who believe in a Higher Being are liberated from all the clogging and hampering bonds of the subjective self in prayer, in rapt meditation upon and in the face of the glorious radiance of Eternity, in which all temporal and earthly consciousness is swallowed up and itself becomes the eternal.

Aga Khan III

I am conscious of having served England as I served my own country.

Ferdinand Foch
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