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Chelsea Handler

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I had to feign interest in all this nonsense until I could ask when I could come over and sit on his face. I didn't say that out loud, of course. I never say the things I really want to. If I did, I'd have no friends.

Chelsea Handler

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It is often said that in prosperity we have many friends, but that we are usually neglected when things go badly. I disagree. Not only do malicious people flock about us in order to witness our ruin, but other unfortunates as well, who have been kept away by our happiness, and now feel close to us on account of our troubles. When Shelley was poor and unknown, he had more friends than the triumphant Lord Byron. It takes great nobility of soul to be able, without any taint of self-interest, to be friends with fortunate people.

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One gets the impression of Duran is that hes a tough, rough brawler who just wades in and ducks nothing. But all you have to do is look at his face to see that is nonsense. Hes not marked up. He does a lot of cute things in there.

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I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then
I wish I could start this whole thing over again
I'm not sayin' it's you could never be true
I just don't wanna know how it ends
You'd still have my heart in the palm of your hands
I'd still look like a fool in front of your friends
Yeah I wish somehow I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I grew up in D.C....and I worked at this theater, and my manager was gay. He used to make me stand out by the ticket booth and any time someone who looked like Yul Brynner walked by I was supposed to bang on the glass. And he would come look. If the guy was hot, he'd make a face. If the guy was ugly, though, he's say 'Henrietta! What were you thinking?' Then one day he got fired and I didn't understand why. My friends were like, 'Because he's gay, Henry.' And I was like 'Yeah, and...?' I just didn't get it. And I got so angry then, and I felt the injustice, it's the same injustice that I'm feeling today.

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To appreciate nonsense requires a serious interest in life.

Gelett Burgess
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