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Cary Grant

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God for all anyone knows could be Cary Grant.
Carole Morin, in Dead Glamorous (1996)

Cary Grant

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I used to hide behind the façade that was Cary Grant … I didn’t know if I were Archie Leach, or Cary Grant, and I wasn’t taking any chances. … Another thing I had to cure myself of was the desire for adulation, and the approbation of my fellow man.  It started when I was a small boy and played football at school.  If I did well they cheered me.  If I fumbled I was booed.  It became very important to me to be liked.  It’s the same in the theater, the applause and the laughter give you courage and the excitement to go on.  I thought it was absolutely necessary in order to be happy.  Now I know how it can change, just like that.  They can be applauding you one moment, and booing you the next.  The thing to know is that you have done a good job, then it doesn’t hurt to be criticized.  My press agent was very indignant over something written about me not too long ago.  “Look,” I told him.  “I’ve known this character for many years, and the faults he sees in me are really the faults in himself that he hates.” 

Cary Grant

Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.

Cary Grant

The Cary Grant of the 64 Squares.

Boris Spassky

Cary Grant roles are ones I would love to have played, but I was never given any.

Ian Carmichael

Cary [Grant] would arrive on the set and everybody's morale immediately lifted. The crew were crazy about him and so was I. But, curiously, I never felt the male-female chemistry that you sometimes experience on a set. I could have been talking to my best girl-friend.

Laraine Day
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