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Cary Grant

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Iím prepared.  I have a gun and I know how to shoot, and whoever comes calling without an invitation will get it in the rear end.

Cary Grant

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Delightful task! to rear the tender thought,
To teach the young idea how to shoot.

James Thomson

Now days battles are just sort of a "You shoot up my town and I'll shoot up yours." They say that Americans don't play fair. They shoot 'em up all the time. I hope so because I want to finish this job as soon as possible and begin making an honest living again.

Harry S. Truman

People who get higher pay are more willing to relocate--especially to undesirable locations at the company's behest... A corporate secretary may change companies in the same town; a corporate executive is more likely to change towns with the same company. A talented corporate secretary sees an invitation to relocate as an invitation; a future corporate executive sees an invitation to relocate as an opportunity--and an obligation.

Warren Farrell

The missionary calling has sometimes been interpreted as a calling to stem this fearful cataract of souls going to eternal perdition. But I do not find this in the center of the New Testament representation of the missionary calling.

Lesslie Newbigin
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