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Buck Owens

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I didn't say I wasn't gonna do rockabilly. I just said I ain't gonna sing no song that ain't a country song. I won't be known as anything but a country singer.

Buck Owens

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I Shall Sing No Song That Is Not A Country Song.
I Shall Make No Record That Is Not A Country Record.
I Refuse To be Known As Anything But A Country Singer.
I Am Proud To be Associated With Country Music.
Country Music And Country Music Fans Made Me What I Am Today.
And I Shall Not Forget It.

Buck Owens

With no words, with no song
You can dance the dream with your body on
And this curve, is your smile
And this cross, is your heart
And this line, is your path
Oh it's gonna be the way you always thought it would be
But it's gonna be no illusion
Oh it's gonna be the way you always dreamt about it
But it's gonna be really happening to ya...

Kate Bush

I wasn't gonna paint. And I wasn't gonna do ostentatious drawings. I wasn't gonna have gallery pictures. I was gonna hide somewhere where nobody would find me and express myself entirely. I'm like a guerrilla warfare in my best books.

Maurice Sendak

We were aware of her profile, and it wasÖ first, itís artistic: can she do it? Is she capable of handling this? Can she handle it emotionally? The song. Because itís a very emotional song. Can she handle it melodically? Does she have the range for it? Second, now then, youíve got that, now you look to seeÖbecause itís a very strange duet, and Iíve always said it was meant to be a duet. I had the song in í86, and I donít care what anybody else says; I know it was my song, it was given to me in í86, I was gonna do it, it was always gonna be a duet, and I think the only real life of it is a duet. And thatís my opinion, and my opinion only. Thatís it. But when itís a duet, itís a definitive duet. And then because of how itís a call-and-response duet, you needed the timbre of the voices. If you get someone with the same timbresÖ Iím being analytical, but thatís exactly why we picked Marion Raven. And then on the fourth handÖ what, sheís twenty-two years old? She can get MTV where I canít!

Meat Loaf
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