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Brandon Sanderson

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The motivations of men. They never make sense. And they always make sense.

Brandon Sanderson

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I don't make sense in this interview. I don't make sense in photo shoots. I don't make sense unless I'm making music. And the music is literally the only reason I'm here. I know I'm not the tall, dark, handsome rock star guy. I know I'm not the most charismatic person. I know I'm not that interesting or funny. It really is about me being a musician and a songwriter. That is the only reason I exist here.

Patrick Stump

So you can't take credit for your talents, but it really matters if you use them. You can't really be blamed for your weaknesses and your failings, but it matters if you correct them. Pride and shame don't make a lot of sense in the final analyses. But they were no fun anyway. These are isolating emotions. What does make sense are things like compassion and love: caring about well-being makes sense; trying to maximize your well-being and the well-being of others makes sense. There is still a difference between suffering and happiness, and love consists in wanting those we love to be happy. All of that still makes sense without free will.

Sam Harris

No other sense can make up for your missing sense of taking part.
Even sight heightened to become all-seeing
will do you no good without a sense of taking part.
You shall not enter, you have only a sense of what the sense should be,
only its seed, imagination.

Wislawa Szymborska

I don't think that people accept the fact that life doesn't make sense. I think it makes people terribly uncomfortable. It seems like religion and myth were invented against that, trying to make sense out of it.

David Lynch

I had to develop a sense of humor I'm sure it's a defense mechanism. It was, 'Before they make fun of me, I'll make a joke.' Being funny is just a point of view about life in general. Sometimes it's born out of difficult childhoods, where you have to develop a sense of humor. Ultimately, it's a gift.

Nathan Lane
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