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Bon Scott

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I've never had a message for someone in my entire life. Except maybe to give out my room number.
From The Good Times, July 1979.

Bon Scott

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A million f**king message boards, email, Twitter, any number of free tools, being limited only by time and your imagination? If Id had the internet in 1988 I WOULD OWN AN ENTIRE COUNTRY BY NOW AND WOULD PUT HUNDREDS OF YOU TO DEATH EACH DAY JUST FOR FUN AND IT WOULD BE THE LAW

Warren Ellis

If you want to give a message again to the West, it must be a message of 'Love', it must be a message of 'Truth'. There must be a conquest [audience claps] please, please, please. That will interfere with my speech, and that will interfere with your understanding also. I want to capture your hearts and don't want to receive your claps. Let your hearts clap in unison with what I'm saying, and I think, I shall have finished my work. Therefore, I want you to go away with the thought that Asia has to conquer the West. Then, the question that a friend asked yesterday, "Did I believe in one world?" Of course, I believe in one world. And how can I possibly do otherwise, when I become an inheritor of the message of love that these great un-conquerable teachers left for us? You can redeliver that message now, in this age of democracy, in the age of awakening of the poorest of the poor, you can redeliver this message with the greatest emphasis.

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I am really overwhelmed. Everywhere both in Internet and in other media, I have been asked for a message. I was thinking what message I can give to the people of the country at this juncture.

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I have five minutes left to give you a message to take home. The message is simple. "God forbid that we should give out a dream of our own imagination for a pattern of the world". This was said by Francis Bacon, one of the founding fathers of modern science, almost four hundred years ago. Bacon was the smartest man of his time, with the possible exception of William Shakespeare.

Freeman Dyson

"You have to give it (the tiger) room. If you don't give it room, it will bite you." (4 January 2005; seen as a veiled threat to politicians not to interfere with the military).

Frank Bainimarama
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