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Bartolomeo Vanzetti

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I did not spittel a drop of blood, or steal a cent in all my life.
Letter to Mrs.Glendower Evans (22 July 1921)

Bartolomeo Vanzetti

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The horse has not stopped bleeding. Its blood falls on me drop by drop with the regularity of a clock, as though all the blood that is filtering through the strata of the field and all the punishment of the wounded came to a head in him and through him. Ah, it seems that truth goes farther in all directions than one thought! We bend over the wrong that animals suffer, for them we wholly understand.
Men, men! Everywhere the plain has a mangled outline. Below that horizon, sometimes blue-black and sometimes red-black, the plain is monumental!

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I am not interested in a long life. I am not afraid of these things. I don't mind if my life goes in the service of this nation. If I die today, every drop of my blood will invigorate the nation.

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The death clock is ticking slowly in our breast, and each drop of blood measures its time, and our life is a lingering fever.

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I steal from every single movie ever made. If people don't like that, then tough tills, don't go and see it, all right? I steal from everything. Great artists steal, they don't do homages.

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Whether at Naishapur or Babylon,
Whether the Cup with sweet or bitter run,
The Wine of Life keeps oozing drop by drop,
The Leaves of Life keep falling one by one.

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