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Antoni Lange

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People souls perennial loners. They're loners like stray stars.

Antoni Lange

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Animal lovers often tend to be misanthropes or loners, and so they transfer their affection to the creature in their control.

Paul Theroux

There is much to be said for post-menopausal celibacy. Sex is rough on loners because you have to have somebody else around, but now I don't. No more diets to stay slim and desirable: I've had sex and I've had food, and I'd rather eat.

Florence King

If we make any kind of decent, useful life for ourselves we have less need to run from it to those diminishing pleasures of the movies. When we go to the movies we want something good, something sustained, we dont want to settle for just a bit of something, because we have other things to do. If life at home is more interesting, why go to the movies? And the theatres frequented by true moviegoers those perennial displaced persons in each city, the loners and the losers depress us. Listening to them and they are often more audible than the sound track as they cheer the cons and jeer the cops, we may still share their disaffection, but its not enough to keep us interested in cops and robbers. A little nose-thumbing isnt enough. If weve grown up at the movies we know that good work is continuous not with the academic, respectable tradition but with the glimpses of something good in trash, but we want the subversive gesture carried to the domain of discovery. Trash has given us an appetite for art.

Pauline Kael

Every man who becomes heartily and understandingly a channel of the Divine beneficence, is enriched through every league of his life. Perennial satisfaction springs around and within him with perennial verdure. Flowers of gratitude and gladness bloom all along his pathway, and the melodious gurgle of the blessings he bears is echoed back by the melodious waves of the recipient stream.

Josiah Gilbert Holland

I cannot say where you are. Unreachable
by prayer, even if poems are prayers. Unseeable
in the air, even if souls are stars.

Carol Ann Duffy
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