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Anthony Stafford Beer

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Clearly, if it is possible to have a self-regulating system that implicitly arranges its own stability, then this is of the keenest management interest.
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Anthony Stafford Beer

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Management’s job. It is management’s job to direct the efforts of all components toward the aim of the system. The first step is clarification: everyone in the organization must understand the aim of the system, and how to direct his efforts toward it. Everyone must understand the damage and loss to the whole organization from a team that seeks to become a selfish, independent, profit centre.

W. Edwards Deming

If stability and efficiency required that there existed markets that extended infinitely far into the future — and these markets clearly did not exist — what assurance do we have of the stability and efficiency of the capitalist system?

Joseph E. Stiglitz

We have a massive system to regulate creativity. A massive system of lawyers regulating creativity as copyright law has expanded in unrecognizable forms, going from a regulation of publishing to a regulation of copying.

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…the organization chart will initially reflect the first system design, which is almost surely not the right one […] as one learns, he changes the design […]. Management structures also need to be changed as the system changes…

Fred Brooks

“The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns. ”

Benjamin Graham
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