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Alan Kotok

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We hadn't invented 'Not Invented Here', yet.
quoted in Peter Hurley or Jack H. Stevens (13 January, 1995). A History of TOPS in alt.sys.pdp10 <1995Jan13.151041.8661@eisner>. Retrieved on 2006-12-26.

Alan Kotok

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I like to think that if music hadn't existed, I could have invented it.

Harrison Birtwistle

God, the devil, good, evil, it's all in our heads, not in Heaven or Hell, which we also invented. We do not realize that, having invented God, we immediately became His slaves.

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The art of writing books is not yet invented. But it is at the point of being invented. Fragments of this nature are literary seeds. There may be many an infertile grain among them: nevertheless, if only some come up!


They say somebody has invented you
but to me this does not sound convincing
for humans invented themselves as well.

Czeslaw Milosz

People think because a novel's invented, it isn't true. Exactly the reverse is the case. Because a novel's invented, it is true. Biography and memoirs can never be wholly true, since they can't include every conceivable circumstance of what happened. The novel can do that. The novelist himself lays it down. His decision is binding.

Anthony Powell
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